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Monday, March 22, 2010

Another Peek At Future Products

Just a couple more pics of examples of the fun, grubby, primitive candles I make that I will be selling on this blog when it officially opens for selling sometime in May.

My candles will come wicked or unwicked and will come in a variety of yummy prim scents you can choose from! The best, my candles are made from all recycled jars!

This first candle is grunged up with yummy nutmeg. The lid has been painted red and also has prim nutmeg added to it. The picture is of a little boy and girl in their best 4th Of July outfits. The little girl holds an American Flag. The quote I chose is "She's My Yankee Doodle Joy". A rusty wire decorated with rusty bells is wrapped around the candle jar's neck.

The 2nd candle shows an aged, poor depression era black couple. I think the pic sums everything up enough, so felt no quote needed for this particular candle. What a historical, touching picture. This candle jar lid was painted yellow and both the lid and jar nicely grunged up with a mixture of spices. I wrapped some tea-stained cheesecloth around the jar's neck and added rusty safety pins and bells.