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Friday, October 31, 2014

Today is Halloween.......

Once again I was late putting out decorations......I got the outside of the house decorated with Halloween/Autumn items 2 weekends ago.  I love decorating the inside too, but was lazy about it.....I think I was the same way last year! grrrrr........I am disappointed in myself because I just LOVE my primitive, grubby, tattered-looking Halloween decorations!  Oh well, gives me something to look forward to for next year I guess.....They will be almost like 'new' items!  Ya know when you don't see them for a couple of years and open the storage boxes and say 'oh wow!  I forgot about this!' or 'I love this, how cool!'.........always exciting!  :)

Everyone have a wonderful Halloween!!

Have you un-boxed any old Halloween decos that you were excited at 'discovering' once more?

How about any new purchases?

Thursday, October 30, 2014

OMG! My 1st Craft Show!!

I'm going to be a vendor at the Eagle Holiday Festival & Craft Market!  I am really stepping out of my comfort zone.....I mean I've always wanted to do craft shows but I FINALLY will be!

It take place on 11/22, 9-5pm at Eagle Church of the Nazarene. The church is located at:  1001 W. State St., Eagle, Idaho.

My dear hubby is going to help me set up and such.....I 'think' I can con him into working the booth with me too!  ;)  Wow!  I am totally excited!!

Hopefully people will want to buy Christmas presents!