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Friday, November 21, 2014

I'm so Square............

So I recently purchased a Square Reader from Staples.  Certainly a 'yay' for me as they were having some kind of deal and I paid $7 and some change for it.....and when you register it, Square puts $10 into your account.

So I'm going to use it a my first 'official' public craft show.....I've participated in my past job's on site holiday craft show and one a few years ago for products my hubby was selling at a sub-division craft show....but that's it.

Hubby and I set up tonight at the location for the craft show which takes place tomorrow.  I'm super excited and so lucky and blessed my hubby is helping me!  He built me this awesome wooden stand with chicken wire so I can hang some of my product from it.  I will take pictures tomorrow when we are there.

So hope the Square helps with the processing of sales.  I'm sure a lot of people bring cash and their checkbooks, but I know I'm always relieved when I'm at a craft show to find out a vendor I want to purchase from takes credit cards.  It's so much easier all around I think.

So have you used the Square?  What do you think of it?


  1. Looks like I lost my comment so if you get two, it looks like it did not go thru. We used Paypal for the first time at our craft show this November. I was busy all day. I discovered that my Verizon signal (3 bars) was not enough to run cards.. we were in a big metal I had to sign in to the secure wifi provided. Practice (in your booth) with your own card before the show opens. I would always check before the customer left that the funds were posted to my account. Hope you have a BIG day!

  2. Great tips and advice! I appreciate it!