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Friday, December 12, 2014

November 2014 Craft Show

The first craft show that I took part in for this holiday season was a few weeks ago and what a nice location it was at! Some of the other vendors we met were so incredibly nice and such talented crafters!!

 Not sure how I would have gotten along though without my fun-loving, charming husband!  He really should be in sales, he is a good salesman, a natural at heart!  Plus he allowed me to dress him up in a silly Christmas tie AND a headband with bouncing around snowmen!

Here's my booth with my primitive creations displayed that were up for sale.  Unfortunately "Prim" is not big here in Idaho....most people are like 'huh?'.  I actually have a sign up describing what "Primitive" means. A lot of the comments were, "how creative", "What unique creations".....I think a 'nice' way of saying 'something'!

So I only made a few sales, but that is ok.  We met  a lot  of nice people and of course I did some shopping myself!  Here are some of my new creations that were up for sale. (wow.....I JUST realized I spelled the word "Believe" WRONG on my elf hat! LOL! no wonder no one bought it!  I'll be changing that tonight! LOL...what a moron I am!)

So my 2nd craft show for the season is tomorrow.  Tonight is set-up.....I think I'll only get about an hours worth done tonight because this location is further from our home.  Hopefully tomorrow's sales will be better considering Christmas is only 12 days away!