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Get some of your Prim Christmas gifts here! And always buy something for YOU too! :)

Grungy Christmas Stockings

These are so cute and can be found primmed up on other sites all with different twists! This is my take on them!

Generously rubbed in spices then doused with mica and glitter! I've added 3 rusty bells & pins to the front of each stocking and some greenery at the top. Attached to one stocking is a old key and the other a grubby prim tag. Each stocking has a clothespin clipped onto the top back so you can hang by simply clipping to a tree branch, garland, lights, etc! Each of the stockings measure around 20" long.

PRICE: Stocking Set $6.50 each

"Happy Holidays" hang tag ~ 1 available

"Merry Christmas" hang tag ~ 1 available

"Winter Blessings" hang tag ~ SOLD


Christmas Ditty Bags with Battery Taper

These roughly stitched ditty bags have small patches, a key and Christmas ribbon on the outside. An 11" battery taper (batteries included!) is slightly concealed in a crease in the back of the ditty bag. It is secured in by rusty pins and the wrapping of the Christmas ribbon. (The location of the taper makes it super easy to turn on and off!)

Inside the bag will be dried oranges, cinnamon stix and 2 of my spices and applesauce ornies all piled on spanish moss! The ornies are removable in case you'd like to display elsewhere!

(bag above minus ornies!)

Each bag is approximate 6"x3" (with ornies/oranges approximately 8"x3" ~ neither measurement includes the 11" taper.)

PRICE: Ditty bag with 11" battery taper, 2 ornies and fixens $6.50 a bag

Christmas Tree & Penguin Ornie Ditty Bag ~ 1 Available

Snowman & Christmas Tree Ornie Ditty Bag ~ 1 Available

Penguin & Star Ornie Ditty Bag ~ SOLD


Candy Cane & Snowflake Ornament Set

These ornaments were baked in my kitchen using a spices and applesauce recipe! They have been embellished with sprinkles, "snow" and more spices!

You will receive 1 candy cane (4") and 1 snowflake (3"x3") ornament per set. Each ornament will have a piece of jute for you to hang from your prim tree or anywhere!

PRICE: Ornament Set $5.00 each

2 1 Available


Gingerbread Man Ornament

These Gingerbread men are nice and 'hearty'! They are approximately 5" tall. They have been baked in my kitchen using a spices and applesauce recipe! Then they are doused with real ginger and more spices!

Small dried cranberries are his buttons and his pants are complete with red or green glitter!

You will receive 1 Gingerbread Man with your order. Each ornament will have a piece of jute for you to hang from your prim tree or anywhere!

PRICE: Gingerbread Man Ornament $2.50 each

Gingerbread Man with red pants ~ 1 Available

Gingerbread Man with green pants ~ 1 Available


Christmas Ornie Potpourri

This potpourri includes 3 of my spices and applesauce ornies that I bake in my kitchen. They have been decorated with glitter, 'snow' and even more spices! Also included are dried oranges, cinnamon stix and whole cloves!

The approximate weight of the potpourri is 6oz.

PRICE: Christmas Ornie Potpourri $5.00 a bag

Angel, Snowflake & Candlestix set ~ 1 Available

Snowflake, Star & Snowman set ~ 1 Available


Prim Christmas Glow-Jars

These are all approximately 16oz & they are covered with my 'secret snow' recipe. Each jar will have rusty or painted bells, and glittered lids. Each jar will INCLUDE a wicked tealight.

PRICE: Glow-Jar $4.00 each

Here is a sample pic of a Glow-Jar unlit and lit (this one is not for sale)

4 Available

Little girl and Christmas tree. Red glitter lid, bells & 2 tone green homespun

"Merry Xmas" with little girl peaking down the stairs for Santa. Red glitter lid, bells & red paisley homespun

Snow scene with little girl in her pretty winter coat and muff. Lavender glitter lid, pink & silver Christmas ribbon, purple & yellow homespun with lavender bells

Large Christmas tree with little boy and a girl. Green glitter lid, bells & beige with rust, sage and black striped homespun


Candy Cane Tapers***

These come in sets of 2 'Candy Canes'. Each taper is approximately 10" in length, come with a prim tag and prim Christmas decorations.

PRICE: Candy Cane Tapers (2) $5.00 a set

Green Candy Canes with Angels Prim Tag ~ 1 Available

Red Candy Canes with Prim Santa Tag ~ 1 Available


Merry Christmas Spoons

You will receive 3 different sized wooden spoons, painted and/or covered in my glitter, snow & lightly spiced. Spoons will have a variety of prim Christmas accents & a holiday tag.

PRICE: Spoons (3) $5.00 a set

Spoons with Santa & Reindeer tag ~ 1 available

Spoons with Child at Christmas Tree tag ~ 1 Available


Happy Holidays Buckets

These 'lil buckets measure 2.5" high and 10" in circumference. They will add cheer as a shelf tuck anywhere in your prim home! Each has a olde holiday picture on the attached lid and the buckets are decorated with fun holiday accents!

PRICE: $2.00 each

Looks like Bedford Falls bucket ~ 1 available

Angels Christmas Tree ~ 1 Available