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Get ready for Halloween with some prim decorations!! These will make great gifts too!

Painted Halloween Jars

These are recycled 16 oz. jars that have been painted either orange or black and sprinkled with spices.

Each has a "Halloween Jar" prim tag and rusty bells.  The lids are also 'spiced up' and the necks of the jars have either homespun or rusty wire!

PRICE: $3.00 each

3 Available


Decorative Halloween Bucket

This cute 'lil bucket measure 2.5" high and 10" in circumference. It will add that 'Halloween Spirit" as a shelf tuck anywhere in your prim home! It has a olde Halloween picture on the attached lid and the bucket is decorated with fun holiday accents!

PRICE: $2.00 each

1 Available


Halloween Version "Candy Cane" Tapers***

These come in sets of 2 'Candy Canes'. Each taper is approximately 10" in length, come with a prim tag and prim Halloween decorations.

PRICE: 'Candy Can' Tapers (2) $5.00 a set

1 Available


Halloween Spoons

You will receive 3 different sized wooden spoons, painted and/or covered in my yummy spices! Spoons will have a variety of prim Halloween accents & a holiday tag.

PRICE: Spoons (3) $5.00 a set

1 available


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