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All bags of tarts are approximately 3oz. I use only soy wax. Since soy wax is soft & creamy I would suggest not ordering my candles or tarts during very hot weathers in your area. I would hate for your box to arrive all melted!
**If you do order in hot weather, I'll send you some specific instructions for when your candle arrives. :)

PRICE: $5.00 a bag

SCENT: Apple Jack 'n Peel ~ 1 available

Prim words sprinkled with cinnamon: (Primitive, Family, Friends, Hope, Desire, Simplify)

SCENT: Aquolina Pink Sugar ~ 2 Available

Grubby muffins topped with pink sugar

SCENT: Banana Nut Bread ~ 1 Available

Blocks sprinkled with spice

SCENT: Cinnamon Roll ~ 2 Available

Block or "Rolls" with Cinnamon sprinkles

SCENT: Grandma's Kitchen ~ 1 Available

Torte dusted with a mixture of spices

SCENT: Nutmeg Vanilla ~ 1 Available

Muffins topped with nutmeg

SCENT: Raisin Bread with Butter Cream ~ 2 Available

Block or grubby star with real raisins and cinnamon

SCENT: Vanilla Walnut ~ 1 Available

Block with scattering of real walnut bits

SCENT: Warm Apple Cobbler ~ 2 Available

Prim Grubby Tart dusted with cinnamon

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